Jewelers Join Forces for Haiti

Jewelers of America (JA) and Jewelers for Children (JFC) are joining forces to raise money for both immediate and long-term relief efforts in Haiti, according to a press release.

Members of the jewelry trade are encouraged to visit JFC’s website,, to contribute directly to the organization, which will immediately distribute the contributions to the Haiti relief funds:

Direct Relief International

Save the Children

The American Red Cross International Response Fund.

Those who want to give should know that the JA/JFC effort will match contributions made between now and January 25th up to a total of $30,000.

This is a critical time for Haiti, with the country now in desperate need of immediate aid for ongoing rescue efforts and to provide food, shelter, water and medical services. JA and JFC urge members of the jewelry industry to join them in reaching out to support Haiti today.

And industry and non-industry folks? Be sure to tune in to the George Clooney “Hope For Haiti” telethon tonight with all of Hollywood’s A-List (Leo, Bono, Justin, Jay-Z, Alicia, Rihanna, Christina etc etc). The show airs commercial free across all networks at 8pm. Word on the street is Brad Pitt is manning the phones. I’m just sayin’….

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