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June 10, 2010

Education, expert advice and shopping tips for the simple elegance that is the jewelry chain. Learn all there is to know about jewelry chain types and find the perfect piece of chain jewelry.

EmeraldA gold chain – simple right? Simply elegant… The resurgence of glamorous jewelry chains in the past few seasons means that these pieces, once really only considered necessary to display gems and pendants, can be worn on their own in a variety of ways and for all occasions.

A glittering silver chain can lend a touch of sophisticated sparkle to any evening gown, whether worn round the neck or elegantly draped on the wrist. Mixing and matching types of jewelry chains together or even boldly layering a mix of many jewelry chain types all at once can create a statement that stands out wherever you go, be it a formal occasion or a casual night on the town.

Statement jewelry chains can be worn in an infinite number of ways and since you will wear them without pricey gems on display, chain jewelry is an inexpensive way to ramp up your look. Varying lengths, link sizes, jewelry chain types and materials is key. One can create a striking array of shimmering metallic fashion by pairing a gold chain with white gold or silver in twists and knots around the neck or wrists or BOTH. Such creativity expresses your own inner fashion vision, and these days, those on a budget need not fear paring the real with imitation.

Whether you are going for the gold or wrapping a variety of chains in a rainbow of sparkle, stylish jewelry chains have moved into the spotlight as affordable fashion bling.

Jewelry Chain Education, Trends and Articles Break From the Chains That Bind You!

Gold chains are wrapping their way around the necks and wrists of the trendy and talented. takes a look at this craze of the layer upon layer of gorgeous glimmer.

Jewelry Necklaces

From golden chains to pearl chokers to diamond strands, find out all there is to know about necklaces. We have expert Advice, Information and Shopping Tips on how to find the perfect piece just right for you. The Pendant Necklace – A Summer Jewelry Trend for Everyone!

Summer sparkle is all about a personal statement. Shells, beads and golden tassels are neckwear musts. Teens Choose Tasteful Jewelry Fashions

For the Teen Choice Awards, gold chains, diamond necklace and dazzling diamonds were the jewelry choices for teen stars such as Miley Cyrus, Vanessa Hudgens and some sassy Gossip Girls.

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