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September 3, 2008

Despite her Dolce and Gabbana frock and Chopard jewels, Lily Allen was anything but classy as the host of last night’s GQ Man of the Year awards in London. Co-host, Sir Elton John, had terse words for the pop chanteuse as she proceeded to get lit on champagne during her hosting duties.

After slurring, swearing and swooning her way through the evening, Miss Allen, the daughter of actor Keith Allen, came to announce ‘…and now the most important part of the night’, when Sir Elton chipped in ‘What? Are you going to have another drink?’ She fired back: ‘F*** off Elton. I am 40 years younger than you and have my whole life ahead of me!’

Um, yeah, a life with no more awards shows, record deals and a Sir Elton blacklist. That’s showbiz.

The fashions on display ranged from disappointing to shocking. The normally stunning Thandie Newton wore a loud print that was too much for jewelry. Liz Hurley looked this side of floozy in a tight mini and diamond drops. And the Traci Emin, Jo Howard, Geri Hall trio took trashy to a new level. Ladies, what is going on across the pond?

The men fared much better, as honorees from Tony Bennett and Led Zeppelin to Josh Brolin and Steve Coogan took home their men-of-the-year trophies. Let’s hope one of them made sure Lily got home OK.

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