Jewelry Fit for Kings and Queens

Jewelry hounds, you may be the only folks who really understand this next sentiment. You know that moment when the jewelry stars align, and you see a piece of jewelry so perfectly designed – so beautifully crafted – so YOU – that you know it will be forever ingrained on the fashion-obsessed part of your cerebral cortex?

I just had that moment when reviewing the new Dior Joaillerie line – their royal ‘Kings & Queens’ collection by Victoire de Castellane. The jewels feature one of my favorite trends – skulls – in an adorable brooch and ring pair. Yes, you’re meant to buy them as a royal couple! Adorable!

Just look at these little beauties. Can you imagine the gasps as you wear the skull ring to your next big event? Or better yet? Imagine the skulls’ shine as you reach for that orange chicken Lean Cuisine during your next trip down the frozen food aisle. Glamour, people. Glamour.

The collection is made out of diamonds, opal, jade, quartz and obsidian, which along with the skulls symbolizes “eternity”, according to Dior. I’ve not been able to track down price points – which I’m thinking is just as well.

The King and Queen pieces even have cute little names: Queen of Jadélénie and King Opal to name a few.


So have you ever had a jewelry epiphany that rivals my new Dior skull obsession? If so, share the wealth! And what do you think about the royals? You die? Or not your style?

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  1. Anonymous

    skulls are great, I agree, and I wonder if the Jewelry Insider can guess who I am as I describe the simple, elegant bracelet I once saw while typing at an auction house – a single strand of red gems, garnets or rubies, in perfect tiny squares, it was simply gorgeous, almost spiritual

  2. Jewelry Insider

    Ah, my friend. You do understand. I remember you describing that piece like it was yesterday. I still wish I could have been there to see it. Covet, covet covet!!

  3. Viagra

    Well Kings and Queens are actually synonyms of “rich”. And sometimes you see them wearing their jewels in front of a crowd wearing nothing!

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