Jewelry Gifts for your Graduate

Ah graduation – that warm and fuzzy time when high schoolers break curfew for late-night keggers, and college grads realize their Liberal Arts degree gave them lots of debt and no job experience. Seriously, though, this rite of passage is an event that warrants an important gift to commemorate the occasion. So whether you’ve got an uber-achievor or a ‘scraped by with Cs’-type on your hands, it’s time they got a little bling to remind them that they no longer have to suffer through Chem class or BS their way through another essay question. Here are my top graduation jewelry gift ideas for the educated woman in your life (insert: me throwing my imaginary graduation cap Mary Tyler Moore-style.) 1. Diamond Studs: They’re like a good bra. Every woman needs them, and mom is usually the one who will shell out the bucks for ’em. 2. Right Hand Rings The ultimate expression of independence. She’ll have plenty of time to get a diamond on her left hand (stop hyperventilating). Celebrate her unique self with this empowering gift of diamonds. 3. Birthstone Bling Jewelry that celebrates the day she was born and the woman she is sure to become. Awwww… 4. Personal Pendant Is she leaving her favorite pet behind? Maybe she’d like a dog or cat pendant to keep them close to her heart? Or maybe she loves butterflies, frogs, pigs – whatever her passion let her know you know what makes her heart sing. And I know what makes your heart sing. Wholesale prices. A reminder that you have access to my favorite Friends and Family site, Jewel Club, for your graduation shopping spree. Use the code: INSIDER and gawk at the prices you won’t get anywhere else. Happy Shopping, and congrats to all the upcoming graduates out there!

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  1. Janet

    Love, love, love the photo of “Mare” throwing her hat up — you find the BEST photos that make me smile each time! Great post! (“I’m the Mary, you’re the Rhoda!” — guess that movie…) 🙂

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