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September 9, 2009

We all know the film industry doesn’t just make money selling overpriced tickets and stale popcorn. For anyone who has ever owned a Princess Leia figurine or Leo Titantic shirt (you know who you are), you’re well aware that Tinseltown is happy to throw movie-related merch our way to fill their coffers (and eventually our Good Will donation boxes).


The good news is: there are some worthy movie-related jewelry lines that are set to debut this fall – some from hip, high-end designers that usually only the chosen few can afford.


First, the no-brainer.Nordstrom is launching a Twilight: New Moon clothing and accessory line in October – one month before the entire tween population bum-rushes a movie theater near them for the movie’s release.


“I love Edward” and “I love Jacob” heart pendants and charm bracelets featuring film-related icons are just some of the silver and gold-plated offerings. Prices will be right in line with the youngster budget.

A not-so-obvious jewelry line comes to us from the mind of hipster designer, Pamela Love, who was tapped to create jewels inspired by the film, Where the Wild Things Are.Known for her goth style (crow heads, claws and bones are just a few of her inspirations), the 27-year-old worked with director, Spike Jonze to create the pieces that will be available soon through hipster clothing outlet, Opening Ceremony.

And finally, a taste of couture. Tom Binns, known for his avant-garde design style and for adorning our First Lady with eye-catching statement necklaces, is working with Disney to create high-end jewelry inspired by Tim Burton’s Alice in Wonderland. Yup.The same Alice in Wonderland starring Johnny Depp as the Mad Hatter and Anne Hathaway as the Ice Queen.

The 35-piece line has price points that are considerably less than the normal Binns piece ($100 – $500 available in department stores) with six pieces retailing from $1,000 – $2,000 (sold in luxury boutiques). The Tom Binns for Walt Disney signature line will, like the movie, debut in Spring 2010.

So for jewelry hounds and movie buffs (and I openly put myself in both categories), there is no shortage of suited folks in the studio system who understand our passions. Have any of you ever purchased jewelry inspired by a movie? If not, would you? And which movie? Weigh in!

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  1. Jean (ffjewelry on twitter)

    People love theme jewelry. Personally, I’m not one who wears pieces on that order, but I make theme jewelry because others like it. They are great to add to the stock of a business or designer because the business/designer is extending their line to those who are not “jewelry people.” Also there is a twice as high probability that the piece will sell, and the piece does sell quickly. Example A (a true scenario that happened): Person A proclaims “I am not a jewelry person. I wear studs in my ears because I don’t want the holes to close.” Person A is a die hard NY Yankees fan. She will proudly wear NY Yankees earrings whenever she is watching a game, whether it is on tv or in person. She will buy those earrings for herself. Secondly, her family members knows that she is not a “jewelry person” but knows that she is a Yankees fan. They see the earrings and they will buy them for her. Twice as high probability that the theme jewelry sells. Whenever I put the Yankees earrings in the store that I have designed, they are gone within the first 24 hours. No matter what the subject of the jewelry is, theme jewelry goes very quickly.

  2. Duchess

    Thanks Laura for the fun post! It is always interesting to see how Hollywood inspires design, be it jewelry or fashion.

    I also think it is important to be aware of coming trends even for jewelry designers whose styles tend to the more traditional. You never know what may inspire that next piece!

    Thanks so much for sharing this.


  3. Jewelry Insider

    I agree, guys. Theme jewelry is a smart angle for your own jewelry lines – and movies can be an inspiration for many different fashion genres. Fashion is full of designers who create their entire line around, say, Marilyn Monroe’s style in Some Like It Hot. I can’t wait to see what they come up with this week in NYC!

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