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June 1, 2011

Jewelry.Com’s Jewelry Sets Brief Helps You Find The Right Jewelry Ensemble For Yourself Or A Loved One.

Ensemble (n) – The bringing together of several elements, each often a work of art in its own right, to produce a rich, dazzling impact. This defines the elegant chic of our Ensemble collections. Choosing to wear a matching jewelry set adds the dazzle that will give you that special sparkle.Sets_Small_Blog_2011-06-01

Archeological excavations have proved that jewelry ensembles were specifically designed for a variety of life situations. Jewelry was primarily used for very special occasions, such as a coronation, receiving a higher military rank, funerals, and weddings. Medieval jewelry sets can be seen in the monumental paintings of the period, and some wedding ensembles created in the 18th-19th centuries have survived as treasures in the crown jewels of the world.

In today’s fashion forward world wearing a complete a jewelry set (ring, earrings, and neckwear with common stones and design theme) is also a fun, fashionable way to share something about you and your tastes in fashion accessories. Throughout the ages gems have been treasured amulets prized for their ability to influence the energies of nature and even the life force itself, but today much of the attraction to wearing jewelry sets centers on the decorative over the mystical. Many a fine jewelry wearer has opted over the years to adorn them selves with individual pieces highlighting a particular gemstone. The classic diamond ring with a center stone that stands out against the hand is the most prevalent option. A complete diamond jewelry set with a sparkling ring, earring and necklace combination shows ones white-hot love of fashion and gems. Colored gemstone jewelry sets, especially those highlighting your particular birthstone, will also add that personal flare with jewelry ensembles that say something about the individual you. The splash of real color that comes from a ruby jewelry set simply can’t be beat for eye-catching sophistication.

Whether you ascribe mystic qualities to your jewelry sets, or you just want to show off your ensemble bling, full jewelry sets give you matching fashion gem wear that allow you to dress up your clothing choices in a way that is beautiful, personal and ultra decorative.

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