Jewelry Symbols: What Does The Evil Eye Mean?

In this week’s “Jewelry Symbols” series, we’ll be talking all about the evil eye. Just like the hamsa, the evil eye is often used in jewelry. We even have several evil eye pieces ourselves (but then again, we’re jewelry addicts!). Read on to learn about history and meaning of the evil eye.


Evil Eye History

The origin of the evil eye dates back thousands of years ago to ancient Greece and Rome, and is now recognized throughout the world and in various religions. Many cultures believe the evil eye is a curse brought about by a certain gaze, and precautions must be taken to ward off this gaze. This is where evil eye jewelry comes into play!


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Evil Eye Meaning

Wearing an evil eye offers protection against the bad luck and harm that can result from an evil eye stare. You may see a blue or green evil eye included in a hamsa (also symbolizing protection).


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Check back for more symbol explanations in our “Jewelry Symbols” series!


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