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October 1, 2008

Not to worry JT fans. It’s not THE diamond. Not yet, anyway. Superstar lovebirds Justin Timberlake and Jessica Biel made their Roman holiday a lot brighter this week with a stop at an exclusive, unmarked jewelry store that specializes in pieces from the 1950s and 1970s.

People Magazine reports that Justin picked up a diamond bracelet and a diamond right hand ring for his talented love interest – both from the 1970s.

The couple spent about an hour in the shop and asked the sales assistant to empty the safe with all their best merchandise. Biel apparently tried on every piece in the store before making her selections.

A woman after my own heart!

At one point, Justin started serenading her with a song from her latest film – a period piece called Easy Virtue – while Biel tried on a vintage diamond necklace from the 17th century.

Yes, that’s gag-worthy it’s so cute, and yes it’s my personal fantasy come to life.

“I could tell they had very refined taste because they asked about the history of all the jewelry,” shop owner Nicola Boncompagni told People. She added that the couple seemed “shy but in love.”


So are wedding bells in their future? A recent quote from the actress reveals her ambivalence.

“The actual idea of signing those papers and doing all this stuff … I’ve never been someone who’s like, ‘I have to, have to, have to have it.’ But the idea of being with somebody I care about, who is my soul mate, that sounds groovy!”

So does a lifetime of JT serenades and jewelry shopping sprees. Get into the groove, girlfriend!

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