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June 1, 2011

Jewelry Basics

Whether you’re accessorizing for work or play, having the right jewelry can go a long way in helping you project an image of confidence and individual style. But how do you develop that style when you’re building your jewelry wardrobe from scratch? Read more

Basic Glossary of Jewelry Terms
Building a Basic Jewelry Wardrobe
Selecting the Right Gemstone
More Jewelry Basics

Bridal Tips

Bridal jewelry is so much more than engagement rings, wedding bands and a bridal ensemble. The tradition of bridal jewelry is a tradition that transcends time, trends and beliefs. Almost all cultures include jewelry as symbolic part of the ceremony and isn’t limited to the bride alone. For the bridal party, jewelry is just as important a feature as the bridesmaids’ dresses or the groomsmen’s tuxedos. Read more

How To Choose A Wedding Band
The History, Myths and Traditions of Wedding Bands
Alternative Engagement Rings
More Bridal Tips

All About Diamonds

Diamonds are among the most prized substances on earth. Their incomparable brilliance, elegance, durability and mystery have captivated our imagination for thousands of years. Considering the endless lore and mystique behind this regal stone, it’s no wonder that it has come to symbolize the ultimate gift of love and romance. Read more

The Diamond
Diamond Cut
Evaluating a Diamond’s Cut
More About Diamonds

All About Pearls

Pearls are among the most timeless, classic and treasured of all gems. Throughout history, these noble gems have been associated with wisdom, wealth, purity, romance and mystery. It’s hard to believe that such a luscious, beautiful gem comes from such humble origins. A natural pearl starts out as a grain of sand or microscopic worm that works its way into an oyster. To protect its soft body from this irritant, the oyster secretes a smooth, hard substance called nacre. Layer upon layer of nacre coats the foreign object and hardens, ultimately forming a pearl. In general, the thicker the nacre, the richer the “glow” of the pearl – which can greatly enhance its value. Read more

Pearls: The Treasures of the Sea
How Long is Long? Pearl Strand Lengths
Pearls In Style
More About Pearls

All About Gemstones

Gemstones in their many shades of color have fascinated mankind for thousands of years. The mesmerizing shades of precious gemstones span the color spectrum and beyond. From the rich hues of glamorous emeralds and sapphires to the milky color flashes of opulent opal. From Tanzanite’s blue, violet and brown tones to mystical allure of midnight Onyx – the personalities of gemstones are as alluring and different as the people that wear them. Read more

Amethyst: The Color for Kings
Aquamarine: Gem of the Sea
Blue Topaz: Birthday Blue
More Gemstones

All About Gold

Gold has been one of mankind’s most revered substances since the beginning of time. The legends and myths surrounding gold are legendary and for many ancient civilizations, only the most powerful were permitted to bathe in gold’s stunning rays. The pharoahs wore multiple gold necklaces and gold bracelets. In India, royal families would layer on gold earrings, gold pendants and gold bangles and in Europe,
gold rings set with diamonds and precious gems were the aristocrats’ accessories of choice. Read more

Gold History and Lore
Different Alloys and Colors Available
Explaining the Difference in Gold Karatages
More About Gold

All About Silver

Silver was once considered more precious than gold but today this metal is considered the most affordable of all precious metals. Sterling silver jewelry is not only stunning – it’s also one of the most budget-friendly categories in the fine jewelry market. Artisanal silver jewels to high-end diamond and gem set statement pieces, silver jewelry spans the spectrum of affordable glamour. Read more

All About Silver
Care of Silver Jewelry
Silver History and Lore
More About Silver

How to Buy Jewelry

You can’t wait to slip that engagement ring on her finger. You know mom will burst into tears at the sight of sapphires. Your friends will drool when you show off that right hand ring. There is no reason fine jewelry shopping should be anything but fun, informational and ultimately satisfying. But research shows consumers find buying fine jewelry one of the least enjoyable shopping experiences. is on a mission to change that. Read more

Buying jewelry as a gift for your wife, girlfriend or significant other is one of the most thoughtful, meaningful and romantic gestures you can ever make. Jewelry’s magic, mystique and enduring appeal make it a natural gift for special occasions and milestone events in her (or his) life. But quite often buying that perfect gift can be akin to searching for a golden needle in a haystack. You know jewelry is a sure-fire winner, but what jewelry? Should you buy
earrings? A
Necklace? What stone?
For that matter – what color does she like? What style does she prefer? Oy – so many questions… but never fear, is here with all the answers, from the perfect stone to suit her, to the ideal style. All you need to know is the occasion and we’ll supply the perfect piece. Read more


The current birthstone list was established in Kansas City, MO in 1912 when the National Association of Jewelers met to rework and revise the list that had been in use since the 1400’s. The list as it stood by 1912 was one that had evolved over centuries and carried the influence of many eras and cultures. The 1912 revision drew much fire from gemstone purists who felt that the list’s importance was being subjugated by commercialism. Only six of the stones from the older, traditional list were retained and revisions such as the movement of Ruby from being December’s stone to July’s and the addition of tourmaline as an October alternate were considered scandalous. Read more

January: Garnet
February: Amethyst
March: Aquamarine
More Birthstones

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