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January 4, 2010

Well, jewelry hounds, welcome to 2010. While it’s taking everything in my power not to write about Jennifer Lopez’s diamond-studded nightmare, I mean, catsuit on the Dick Clark New Year’s Eve special (I’ll let these hilarious bloggers do the work for me), there’s just no stopping ‘The Lohan’ from making my first post of 2010.

What this means for the New Year is anyone’s guess.

So news hit over the holidays that Lindsay’s 6126 legging line is going to expand into a full clothing offering with – you guessed it – a jewelry line due out in the spring of next year.

This means Lindsay, known for losing a purse full of diamonds worth 6 figures and ‘misplacing’ thousands of jewels from various photo shoots worldwide, is going to try her hand at jewelry designer for the masses??

But just when you think whoever is backing this venture must be as misguided as a Michael Lohan parenting attempt, think again.

Kristi Kaylor, chief executive officer of Los Angeles’ DNAM Apparel, which will manufacture the line under license, spoke exclusively to WWD about the expansion.

“We’ve had amazing success with the leggings line,” said Kaylor. “We’re launching the full clothing collection next year, and a cosmetics line, handbags, shoes, jewelry in spring 2011.”

That’s over $3 million worth of overpriced legging succes, according to reports.Who knew?

The fall 2010 apparel line will include100 pieces (spring 2011 will be 150) with average retail price points running between $100 and $150. The 6126 leggings currently retail from $68 to $120.

While we’ll have to wait to see details of the jewelry line, here are a few early drawings of the apparel offerings. What do you guys think so far?


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