Lindsay Lohan’s Necklace Nightmare

If I had a diamond for every time Lindsay Lohan ‘forgot’ to return loaner jewelry, I’d be richer than a Donald Trump/Oprah Winfrey love child.

Yes, jewelry hounds. Just when you thought our Li-Lo was turning the page to more legit uses of our favorite shiny stuff, she brings us back to her warped reality where ‘stealing’ is somehow really just ‘borrowing’ with benefits.

The latest nonsense has Lindsay ‘borrowing’ a one-of-a-kind $2500 gold necklace from El Ray jewelry store in Los Angeles. The store claims the piece went missing right after Lindsay was seen wearing it in a surveillance video.  Lindsay claims her stylist “borrowed it” and just didn’t return it in time.

Whatever the truth is, it’s clear Ms. Lohan shouldn’t even be in the business of ‘borrowing’ until her probation is over. If the police decide to press charges (and TMZ reports this is likely), she could possibly go back to the slammer, where the only jewelry she’ll be wearing is the kind of ‘cuff no one wants in their jewelry box.

Get it together, Lohan.

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  1. Belle de Ville

    Ms. Lohan wore Beladora jewelry for her spread in Vanity Fair and there wasn’t any problem. The Vanity Fair stylists and editors are uber professional.
    For the record, so are ELLE, Marie Claire and the other magazines that we’ve worked for.
    How her stylist “forgot” to give something back is totally questionable. It is the stylists job to return the goods not the talent’s. I’d like to know who the stylist was.

  2. Jewelry Insider

    Glad all went well with the Beladora shoot! Those pics were gorg…

    It all sounds like a game of ‘blame the stylist’ to me… My money is on the stylist had nothing to do with this – and that Lindsay was “careless” again and needs a scapegoat. There is a reason this storyling is a familiar one…

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