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June 17, 2013

Diamond tiara and swanky NYC apartment for Miss USA winner, Erin Brady.

Want to live the life of a princess, but just aren’t lucky enough to be Kate Middleton? All you have to do is compete against 50 other beauty queens rocking the stage in bikinis, evening gowns, and of course a healthy dose of bling like Miss USA winner, Erin Brady of Connecticut.

Upon being crowned Miss USA 2013, Erin, wearing a white strapless gown with a gold embroidered bodice paired with shoulder-sweeping chandelier earrings, was donned with the official Diamond Nexus Labs crown – weighing in at 166.82 carats. Fifty-one diamonds adorn the oval centerpiece of the elaborate gold and platinum crown, with each rock representing each of the fifty-one women competing in the pageant.

The crown is passed down to the winner each year. It was revamped into the first eco-friendly crown back in 2009. Weighing in at about 0.790057381 pounds, that must be one sparkling headache to wear all day!

Along with a custom diamond tiara and jewelry created by Diamond Nexus, Erin’s year-long royal treatment includes a swanky three-bedroom apartment in one of Trump’s NYC buildings, a year’s worth of haircare, skincare and cosmetic products, high-fashion bracelets, an evening wear, swimwear and shoe wardrobe, a gym membership, a nutritionist (shocker!), a PR team and an undisclosed salary… And a trip to Moscow, Russia for the Miss Universe 2013 competition.

Not too shabby for an accountant who proves that you can have beauty and brains! You go girl!


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