My Diamond in the Rough

Well, jewelry hounds, she’s here! Roxanne (Roxy) Parker Rataj was born on February 10th to the delight of her mom and pops. She came out 8 pounds 20 inches but has eaten her way to 9 pounds 6 oz and 23 inches in two weeks’ time(!)

I think I have an over-achiever on my hands…

Wanted to share a few pics with you all so you can see what’s been occupying my time since diamonds and divas have taken a back seat this month. Ain’t she swell?

While my daughter’s birth was perfectly timed for numerologists and folks who care about such things (2/10/2010 has a nice ring to it, right?), I did miss covering New York Fashion Week and was shocked to hear of Alexander McQueen’s untimely passing. The fashion world will never find a replacement for his apocalyptic, whimsical, down-the-rabbit-hole stylings – – truly tragic.

But on to sunnier skies. Namely? Oscar! The party scene has been rolling non-stop leading up to the big night on March 7th, so I’m sure there will be lots of ground to cover next week. Stay tuned – and thanks for all of your good wishes and support during my brief sojourn. In the meantime, Roxy and I are busy prepping for red carpet gawking from our feeding spot on the couch.


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