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Love the Look: Mystic Topaz Jewelry is your source for expert advice, information, and shopping tips on choosing the perfect piece of mystic topaz jewelry. Mystic topaz is one of the most popular precious stones with jewelry connoisseurs. It is considered as a semiprecious gemstone and is not a manmade stone. In order to give the gem it’s different and vibrant colors and its beauty it is enhanced with a very thin coating of titanium. This process is called physical vapor deposition where no radiation or harsh chemicals are used. Mystic topaz is also known as mystic fire, fire topaz, Caribbean topaz, Alaskan ice, Alaska and rainbow topaz. This stone is also found in various countries and it is mostly found in Brazil, Afghanistan, Mexico, China, Japan, Ukraine, Myanmar, Australia, Zimbabwe, Nigeria, Madagascar, Pakistan, Russia and in the United States. The ancient Greek used to believe that the stone had the ability to improve eyesight. It had also cured many maladies such as insomnia, asthma and hemorrhages. Most of the people from that time also thought that the stone also changed color when it was near poison. Easily one of the fastest upward trending gemstones of our time, mystic topaz has rightfully earned it?s reputation as one of the all time most popular designer gemstones brought to market. This sparkling myriad of blues, greens, purples, reds and browns is eye capturing indoors, but easily one of the most active brilliant stones on the planet in natural sunlight. Mystic topaz jewelry, had, well, caught fire. Still today mystic topaz jewelry remains one of the fastest growing designer gems around.

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Mystic Topaz Jewelry 

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