Naomi Campbell’s Diamond Disaster

Saucy supermodel, Naomi Campbell, unwisely added an ‘icy’ altercation over a diamond to her long list of offenses this week. If you thought that sentence was bizarre wait ’til you hear the details. Apparently actress/activist Mia Farrow (of all people) told ABC news that Campbell bragged about receiving a blood diamond from one Charles Taylor, a former Liberian strongman on trial for war crimes. When an ABC television reporter broached the subject with the always even-tempered Naomi, well, you can guess what happened: a. something was hurled b. someone was hit c. something was smashed d. all of the above The answer this time is only “c” – a camera was the collateral damage of one very angry supermodel who responded before hitting a TV camera and leaving in a huff: “I didn’t receive a diamond and I’m not going to speak about that.” Will Woody Allen’s former mate convince Woody Allen’s former muse? Stay tuned…

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  1. Jewelry lover

    Isn’t she tired of constantly starring the news? I haven’t heard anything good about her for several years now.

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