Oscar, Oscar, Oscar!

Jewelry trends are often hard to spot at big runway events, like Fashion Week, since many designers fear the bling will take attention away from the clothes.







Makes sense, but it’s not much fun for us, is it? Thankfully, there are fashion icons, like Oscar de la Renta, who dare to make jewelry statements that are as creative and stunning as their clothing.







Mr. de la Renta’s show is always a hot ticket, and this year was no exception. Jennifer Lopez got a front row look along with Barbara Walters and Vogue’s ubiquitous duo, Anna Wintour and Leon Talley. What they witnessed was yet another display of design brilliance, with dresses that Hollywood’s A list are surely earmarking for their acceptance speeches.

The jewelry was a glam-ed up interpretation of the season’s ‘big’ trends: (yes, you’ve heard it all before) big necklaces, big earrings and big wrist-wear. We particularly liked his cereal bowl- sized hoop earrings – a style that hasn’t seen the light of day since fashionistas sewed shoulder pads in their blazers. Bravo!

While most of us can only drool over such beautiful frocks and baubles, it’s heartening to know that the Oscar’s of the world are still making our fashion junkie hearts skip a beat and our dreams glitter just a little brighter. It’s what Fashion Week is all about.

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