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June 10, 2010

Expert advice, information and shopping tips on beautiful pave engagement rings.

Find out all there is to know about those glimmering bands of pave engagement rings and choose together a perfect pave engagement ring set that like your love, will last a lifetime.
Pave Engagement Rings

So, finally, the question was asked: Will you marry me? Were you alone, just the two of you? Or did he ask you in front of friends and family? Did he whisper in you ear? Or was it written in the sky for the whole world to see? Did you take him out to the best restaurant in town? Or did you ask him over your breakfast coffee? Whichever way in happened, it is the first step in your unique journey together, and if that is not something to treasure forever, what is?

Pave engagement rings can help you do just that. These rings, paved with clusters of tiny diamonds create the illusion of a solid diamond surface, since the stone setters or holders are tiny and hidden. Designers can create different shapes which will help you symbolize and capture your special moment in ways that one single diamond simply cannot do. If you don’t want to give up the
big-stone look, you can choose one with a larger central stone set above the encrusted diamonds.

You can choose a full pave, surrounding the whole ring, or a have pave that covers only the top portion. You might prefer the single row band, or the three-dimensional wider band. Your favorite could be a simple band, or one with a curve or a wave. Whichever is most to your liking, a pave engagement ring is always the impressive, sophisticated choice.

So look around our site together and choose a matching set of pave engagement rings – a set that for both of you will always say, I will always love you.

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