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What could be more luxurious and show-stoppingly gorgeous than pearl and diamond jewelry? The unbeatable marriage of pearl and diamond jewelry stops traffic on the red carpet and runways, and has been treasured by humanity for millennia. Pearls have been treasured for centuries for their peerless glow and miraculous origins, and diamond has been likewise prized for its matchless reflectivity and brilliance. The two precious stones are a match made in heaven- pearl and diamond jewelry is a seamless marriage of the gifts of the earth and sea, paired together in ravishing harmony. Producing a quality pearl is an extremely rare event- in the natural world, only three or four oysters out of every three tons of mollusks will produce the perfect pearls that glow in pearl jewelry sets! Diamonds are also one of nature’s wonders; a diamond is, on average, 3 billion years in age, fully two thirds the age of the Earth. To possess a beautiful piece of pearl and diamond jewelry is to showcase nature’s masterwork, to dazzling effect. Pearl and diamonds’ beauty has inspired legends for centuries-many ancient cultures believed they must have had heavenly origins. The ancient Persians thought that pearls were formed when a rainbow hit the sea, and the ancient Greeks believed that diamonds were splinters of stars that had fallen to earth. Pearl and diamond jewelry maintains that almost unearthly beauty and mystery, and is a powerful symbol of love, purity and wisdom. Inherently possessing a deep romance and radiance that only nature could bestow, pearl and diamond jewelry is never less than simply stunning.

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Mighty Michelle Meets the Queen First Lady, Michelle Obama, wins over both the Queen and the fashion world on her first official trip to London! Hugh Jackman – People’s Sexiest Man Alive The styles, the stars and the sparkle of Baz Luhrmann’s epic ‘Australia’ spotlights 1930s trends and turns the old into new. Vintage jewelry, pearl brooches and classic chokers – it’s jewelry at its best. Mad About Mad Men Jewelry Style Break out your pearl strands and sweater sets, AMC’s acclaimed series Mad Men is back. What jewelry style can we expect from the show’s leading ladies and how can you get in on the action – for a fraction? Some Very Tony Trends Broadways brightest glammed it up at the 2008 Tony Awards. Diamond statements, cocktail chic and golden drops were some of the trends treading the ‘Great White Way’. Dolce & Gabbana Make Diamonds & Pearls Dolce & Gabbana’s Coffee-table book takes a look at ‘Diamond and Pearls’ (and gemstones and gold). Dior Does Diamonds Haute Couture Week is underway in Paris, and John Galliano shocked his well-heeled clients with peek-a-boo stylings and mega jewels galore. The First 100 Days of First Lady Jewelry A glittering recap of our fabulous First Lady’s first 100 days of jewelry fashion in the White House.

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