Pearl and Silver Jewelry

Pearl and Silver Jewelry- Moonlit Beauty

Of all the precious stones, pearls are perhaps nature’s purest gift, almost entirely shaped without man’s assistance- and pearl and silver jewelry is a timeless marriage of nature’s gift and humanity’s art. Silver uniquely highlights pearl’s classic lustre; pearl and silver jewelry has long been prized for its pure, cool beauty. June’s birthstone, pearl is traditional in bridal jewelry, where pearl and silver jewelry’s romantic glow and quiet beauty truly shines. Pearl and silver jewelry’s luminescence has long been associated with moon glow- all of the mystery and loveliness of that silvery radiance. Unlike any other precious gemstone, pearls need no cutting or polishing to enhance their beauty. Truly gifts of the sea, pearls were prized by many ancient cultures above all other gems. In perhaps the most celebrated banquet in history, Cleopatra bet Marc Antony she could give the most expensive dinner of all time- and dissolved a pearl in wine and drank it to convince Rome of Egypt’s wealth and power!(She won the bet- and Antony’s heart). Silver was likewise prized; its matchless purity was thought to cure maladies and purify water by the ancient Greeks and Romans. In many ancient cultures, only royalty was permitted to wear pearl and silver jewelry- and centuries later, silver and pearl jewelry maintains that regal elegance and matchless purity. Pearls are powerful symbols of love, purity and wisdom, and pearl and silver jewelry possesses a deep romance and radiance that only nature could bestow. Whether you’re looking for classic beauty, heirloom-quality timelessness, or a bold statement piece, pearl and silver jewelry is a never-fail combination. No matter what the occasion, pearl and silver jewelry has a cool, serene beauty that perfectly complements any style.

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