Pearls, Diamonds, & Gemstones: Faberge Unveils “Faberge Pearl Egg”

As jewelry enthusiasts, we love anything with glitz and glamour, especially a blinged-out Faberge Pearl Egg! Faberge unveiled its first Faberge egg after 99 years, in Qatar last week. The egg was shown at the exhibition of watches and jewelry.

The “Faberge Pearl Egg” is designed with an impressive 139 white pearls, over 3,300 diamonds, and other precious gemstones. Reminds us a little of Lupita Nyong’o’s Oscar dress (now stolen!) featuring 6,000 pearls. The bejeweled egg will be sold after its exhibition.


Any guesses how much the Faberge Pearl Egg will go for?

Here’s some more Faberge eye candy to ogle (we’d welcome any one of these eggs into our lives).





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