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July 10, 2009

Expert advice, information and shopping tips on all you want to know about pink jewelry. Find out all there is to know about pink diamonds, pearls and precious stones and find the perfect fit for you or your loved one.

Pink JewelryPink is the color of femininity, the soft, caressing, color of universal love. It is the color of the heart chakra, so bringing pink into your life means inviting a loving attitude. When you want to attract love and romance, be sure to always wear a hint of pink when you go out.

All lovers of beauty love pink, the combination of white and red: the potential for fullness, and the means of achieving the potential. Pink is connected with feelings of tenderness and acceptance, with its softer shades being seen as very serene and feminine.

You will always look pretty in pink. Try matching a perfect pair of pink stud earrings with your favorite pink shirt, or a beautiful pink ring with your new stunning lipstick! And don’t you think that your black low cut dress will look much grander with a pink necklace next to your heart and a delicate pink ankle
bracelet on your right leg to match?

Check out our pink rings, pink earrings, pink bracelets, pink necklaces all sparkling with diamonds, sapphires, tourmalines, pearls or any other pink stones. If Jennifer Lopez and Nicole Richie used these special pink stones as engagement rings – you probably won’t go wrong.

Learn about Pink Jewelry, Pink Gemstones

Expert Advice, Information and Shopping Tips on pink gems. Find out all there is
to know about Pink gemstones and find the perfect Pink Gemstone jewelry for you
or your loved one. Summertime Blues, Greens and Hot Pinks

Jewelry colors, styles and trends for summer.

Jewelry to Satisfy Your Sweet Tooth

Need a sugar fix without the calories? The latest jewelry trend – candy-inspired
jewels – will satisfy both your sweet tooth and your fashion radar.

Celebrity Rings and Pink Jewelry Trends Tickled Pink – A Wedding to Match the Ring

And the bride wore pink when Ellen and Portia said ‘we do’. A pink dress, pink accessories and a perfect pink diamond engagement ring made this celebrity wedding a rosy affair.

Pink Diamond Gets Fancy Price Tag

Jewelry collectors are tickled pink that this rare colored diamond will soon be on the auction block and the rumor mill is buzzing that the price tag will be a record-breaker Celebrity Rings

Mariah Carey’s engagement ring shone in the spotlight as the super-star showed off her multi-million dollar jewel. Ellen’s Engagement Ring To Portia

When Ellen De Generes comes bearing jewelry gifts you know it’s going to be something special. For partner Portia De Rossi this meant a diamond engagement ring that was colorful and classy.

Michelle Obama’s Jazzy Brooch Bling

Our First Lady celebrated jazz in glittering style at the White House this week with a floral brooch that almost upstaged the groovy music.

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