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June 1, 2010’s Brooch Brief gives you some interesting facts and style tips on selecting the right pin jewelry just for you.

Brooches and Pins Jewelry

Brooch jewelry, one of the earliest know jewelry adornments designed to be attached to garments, can trace it’s lineage back to the earliest of the Bronze Age. Known in ancient times as a fibula, this decorative jewelry pin served not only as ornamentation but had a practical use as a fastener – usually for a cloak or toga.

More recently, former US Secretary of State, Madeline Albright said if you want to know what mood she is in, simply, “read my pins.” Saddam Hussein once called her a “serpent,” so she went right out and acquired her golden snake pin. For her patriotic moods she always wore her gold eagle brooch. Her famous collection of pins and brooches is now on display at the New York Museum of Arts and Design. Overall there are 200 pieces of pin jewelry in the collection to be toured around the country for the next two years.

Presenting a fascinating array of shapes and decor down through the ages, today’s pin jewelry is worn without reservation on fashion wear and in just about any spot. Gone are the days of Granny’s cameo pinned demurely to the front of a dress or blouse. Today the diamond brooch is seen nested in the trendy hairstyles of film stars or worn in fashionable hats or as ultra blingy belt buckles.

For a lady’s most important day, brides, bridesmaids and mothers of the bride, basically the entire bridal party, often accessorize with special occasion brooches that become a practical keepsake they can wear again and again. Also, rhinestone wedding brooches and pins jewelry are affordable to give out as gifts to all the bridal attendants while still looking lovely.

Themes for brooches are limitless. Whether you are in a casual mood and want to select beach motifs like starfish pins, sand dollar brooches, seahorse pins or in a vintage frame of mind, brooch jewelry for the dress, the hat, the hair or even the blouse give you and your fashions that extra sparkle.

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