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August 26, 2008

Pearl strands have always been in style. Coco Chanel made them chic in the 20s, Audrey Hepburn and Jackie O took them to new heights in the 60s, Madonna and Barbara Bush put their stamp on them in the 80s, and now Michelle Obama is carrying the torch well into the new millennium. They are the perfect Mother’s Day gift and are always the right choice to wear at the office. And while the popular bauble comes in many different varieties and price points, luxury jewelry designer, Mikimoto, is taking them to 11.

A one-of-a-kind, limited edition, pearl strand is now available for a mere $1,000,000. Some lucky gal will get to take home 27 perfectly cultured pearls, plus an art deco clasp with 11.92 carats of diamonds. According to Mikimoto, the necklace is special because it is made from South Sea pearls of the highest quality that took ten years to cultivate. They’re rated AAA, which means they have a superb silver white luster.

For those of us who can’t afford a bodyguard to go with our jewelry, there are many other affordable alternatives. And some designers are mixing up the traditional strand by adding chunky beads and crystals. Think ‘pearls go punk’. One final pearl of wisdom: long, layered strands are a must-have look for fall. Mixing colors and lengths is perfectly acceptable.

We may not have a million bucks, but we can certainly look like we do. Go out there and make Coco proud!

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  1. Tina Tang

    I love pearls; I think they are so pretty and stylish. They are becoming more and more edgy as well. They can make a simple outfit look like much more effort was put into it. It’s very interesting to see how different designers but their own flavor in the construction of pearl necklaces. And even cooler to see how consumers choose to wear them, including what they pair them with.

  2. The Pearl Professor

    They still have it in their store. I just saw it last week. The price is $1.6 million.

    The salesperson told me it took 21 years to make. ABC News reported 17 years. I bet the truth is somewhere of the range of 2-4 Paspaley harvests.

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