Why Cubic Zirconia?


Blind the haters and amp up your cocktail ring collection with one costume jewelry gem that’s making a piercingly bright comeback, cubic zirconia. This shiny stone is no longer the super lame stepsister of every girl’s best friend. From engagement rings to Anne Hathaway’s ladylike studs, this stone is set to be sprinkled throughout the Red Carpet Emmy Awards. Want to know more? Get cozy with cubic zirconia and read on about these fun facts!


Can you tell the difference between a diamonds and cubic zirconia?

1. Cubic Zirconia, also referred to as Zircon, is a mineral synthesized as a diamond simulant. CZeducation_blog_20150902_c_ 2. Since almost every gemstone is in some way altered by man, it is a total myth that cubic zirconia are inferior to diamonds, they have just been perceived as such.


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3. Cubic zirconia actually weighs more than a diamond.


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4. CZs were originally developed by the Russians and were first used in jewelry in 1969.


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5. Cubic zirconia wedding sets have become the stone of choice because they more are affordable and more ethical than diamonds.


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