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May 1, 2010

Quartz Pendants- Glowing Glamour

There’s no topping gorgeous quartz pendants for eye-catching pop and versatile beauty! Uniquely affordable and ranging in style from the bold to the demure, quartz pendants are prized for their unique ranges of reflectivity and color; there’s a perfect quartz pendant for stylistas of every stripe. Whether showcased in delicate, dreamy pure quartz pendants, romantic rose quartz pendants, regal purple amethyst pendants, or sparkling yellow citrine pendants, quartz pendant jewelry effortlessly showcases some of nature’s most stunning gifts. With stones ranging in color from smoky depths to glittering transparency, quartz pendants never fail to magnify and illuminate your own inner glow.

Quartz pendants are found in a variety of styles, much like quartz itself, which ranges widely in texture and appearance- from sunny citrines and dazzling violet amethysts to dusk-colored smoky quartz and delicate, pale pink rose quartz. Quartz jewelry has been prized all over the world for centuries, from pre-Columbian Native American quartz jewelry to mid-19th century quartz cameos. Nowadays, quartz pendants’ unique affordability and versatility inspires artisans to create quartz pendants in an incredible range of styles. Quartz pendants range from sweet and demure vintage pendant to bold statement quartz pendant stunners- all beautiful steals! Whether you’re looking for a misty-colored blue quartz pendant or a funky, attention-grabbing green quartz pendant, quartz pendants’ unique marriage of artisanal skill and nature’s beauty never fails to charm!

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Green Quartz Jewelry

Get all green’s glamour- without spending all of that other green. Green quartz jewelry is blooming in beauty!

Rose Quartz Jewelry

Romantic rose quartz jewelry marries vintage charm and modern elegance; known as the “love stone”, rose quartz is the season’s most dazzling way to wear your heart on your sleeve!

Lemon Quartz Jewelry

Take a sneak peek at this sunny sparkler, which turns any blah day into a summer romp!

Soothing echoes of sea and sky abound in this tranquil gem, glowing with serene beauty that never fails to chase away the blah-style blues.

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