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August 4, 2008

There are certain things in life that are better left unsaid. If a woman is looking a bit puffy around the middle, you don’t dare ask her if she’s preggers, right? If your boss has his fly down in the middle of a presentation, better wait until the power point comes to a close before pointing out the obvious. In the land of diamond rings, the unspoken rule is, well, bigger is most definitely better.

Don’t worry, guys. We know you can’t all be “The Donald”, who is rumored to hold the record for buying a rock worth $2 million for current wife, Melania. But let a girl dream, won’t you?

No one knows this better than Czech Republic-based ALO Jewelry, who plans to debut the most expensive jewel ever made in the country during a Prague jewelry fair in October. According to the Prague Daily Monitor, the gold ring will support a diamond worth close to $1 million, and model Petra Nemcova will be the lucky lady to show it off to the gawking public.

“The demand for luxurious jewelery has definitely been on the increase,” says Aloiz Ryšavý, owner of ALO. “Anyone can afford a diamond jewel nowadays,” Ryšavý adds.

Well, maybe not THIS diamond jewel. But I would be happy to, say, guard it for them if they need any special assistance. In the meantime, maybe Melania needs a babysitter…

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