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December 9, 2009

Breaking news: Rudolph apparently has a nose for the jewelry business.

Jewelry lovers who are hoping for, say, a nice tasteful pair of diamond studs or an inexpensive gemstone piece for the holidays this year might be disappointed to find a lovely pendant made out of that rarest of materials – reindeer dung – under the tree instead.

Yup. Sparkly reindeer-dung necklaces are indeed on sale at an Illinois zoo that hopes to attract the same holiday shoppers who swept up their dung Christmas ornaments last year. The limited-edition Magical Reindeer Gem contains dried, sterilized reindeer droppings — sprayed with glitter (of course) — on a beaded chain. They’ll be available at the Bloomington zoo’s gift shop for $15, or by mail for $20.

Miller Park Zoological Society spokeswoman Susie Ohley told the Chicago Tribune that while ‘silly’, she estimates the zoo could make as much as $16,500 – a welcome windfall since they lost $200,000 under city budget cuts this year.

Stop ‘taking crap’ and sell it instead – not a bad business plan.

What do you guys think? Would you wear jewelry made from Dancer’s droppings? Or are you strictly a dung-less consumer?

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  1. Danal

    This reminds me of the controversial art exhibit at the Brooklyn Museum which included the painting made of elephant dung, which Rudolph (that’s a pun) Giuliani was offended by. So I guess HE won’t be buying a reindeer dung necklace for anyone, but who cares what he does lately anyway. Both Rudolphs aside, I guess one person’s “resourcefulness” is another person’s “gross out”?

  2. Jewelry Insider

    True, Danal. Recycled jewelry is all the rage these days and this, well, takes the idea to new levels. 🙂

    They might not have Giuliani on board (nice pun) but I’m sure Al Gore would be be ‘flushed’ at the opportunity.

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