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May 9, 2008

There’ve been a couple of diamond dazzlers hitting the tabloids over the past 24 hours. As noted a few days ago, one celebrity jeweler wasted no time in congratulating a couple of no-one knew they were married newlyweds. When Mariah Carey and Nick Cannon did the deed in total secrecy on a Caribbean island, their jeweler, Jacob Arabo, aka Jacob the Jeweler wasted no time in issuing a statement of congratutions to the media, specially since he designed the ring…… And here it is.

Mariah’s known for her love of all things sparkly and this sure sparkles a 17 carat diamond and platinum ring worth $2.5 million. The piece was designed just for Carey, and features a fancy light pink 10 ct. square emerald-cut center diamond surrounded by 58 intense pink diamonds, and two half-moon-cut stones.
Another dazzler that’s in the news is Paris Hilton’s latest jewel. The heiress has been seen sporting a two-band diamond ring – a ‘sweet’ present by rocker-love Benji Madden.

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