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May 10, 2008

Jewelry To Love: Ruby Pendants

Perhaps no gemstone has been as prized throughout history as Rubies. Celebrated as the most precious of all gemstones, July’s birthstone – rubies – have adorned emperors and kings and inspired countless legends and myths with their rich, fiery hues.

The huge versatility of ruby pendants makes them great to wear with any outfit – at work, at play, a formal occasion or anything in between, a ruby pendant is always a perfect fit.

Finding the perfect ruby style at an affordable price has never been easier. A lab-created ruby heart pendant can start at under $100 – is there any better way to say ‘I love you’? For that special celebration – a stunning statement ruby necklace can start around $300 – and can cost up to a few million or more if big ruby rocks are your style.

So whether your looking for a Valentine’s day gift, a present for a July celebration (July’s birthstone is Ruby) – we’re sure you’ll find exactly what you’re looking for when your browse our rich collection. From affordable jewels to perfect ruby pendants, see the different shapes, colors and styles, and discover what makes rubies a gem of a jewel.

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Learn all you need to know about the ravenous ruby – from the gemstone’s fiery history and lore to ruby jewelry buying tips and more.

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Expert Advice, Tips and Shopping review will make sure your Ruby Jewelry is a red hot buy. Find out all there is to know about Rubies then discover your perfect ruby jewel. Red-Hot Rocks – July’s Birthstone

Find out the whys, whats, wheres and worth of July’s red-hot birthstone – a rocking ruby. Rihanna’s Rocking Rocks

Rihanna and Chris Brown are rocking in style with a stunning ruby jewel.

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