SAG Jewelry Hits and Misses

The 2010 Screen Actors Guild Awards shined a light on some unique red carpet jewelry choices for a change – some stunning, some, well, notsomuch.

The winners in my book were Diane Kruger (see my earlier post for more), Kate Hudson in over $1 million of Cartier diamonds

Marion Cotillard in over $1 million of Chopard in her hair alone (!), Christina Hendricks in another teardrop triumph (by Irit), and a glowing Christina Applegate in Lorraine Schwartz diamonds – including this unique diamond hair piece. Love it.

I’m on the fence about Meryl – like the emeralds and the Balenciaga print but am not sure it was appropriate for the occasion. I’m also not sure about Sandra Bullock’s Alexander McQueen choice: is it cool or a little too ‘Golden Girls go to the buffet’? Same with Drew Barrymore’s navy get up, simple gold earrings and bedhead hair. Something’s just off here.

Speaking of off – Joan Allen? Bless your heart, but what on EARTH were you thinking with this necklace choice? The former queen of red carpet class just jumped the shark with this ensemble – quite possibly the worst jewelry look I have covered to date. Yikes.

The disappointment continued with Vera Farmiga’s unfortunate gown choice coupled with a powder blue eyeshadow look I haven’t seen since the pre-teens wore it in the 80s.

And the always reliably tacky Patricia Arquette didn’t disappoint with this ‘Mae West meets Priscilla Queen of the Desert’ interpretation. ALL Sequins? WITH gold chandeliers? Really?

As usual, I MUST know what you hounds think, so weigh in. And if the spirit moves you, check out the Fashion News for more SAG jewelry buzz and their Facebook Page for a complete look at the SAG divas on display.

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  1. Texas Girl

    Love you blessing Joan Allen’s heart! And regarding Meryl’s print — I don’t like it either, but perhaps during relentless award season an already-winner just tries to add some contrast to the all black she won her Golden Globe with? PS – I love that Meryl recycled her Golden Globe belt, saw it in photos of an event from a few years ago on a red dress — recycle Meryl!

  2. Anonymous

    I agree with your winners there 🙂 I do actually like the look of what Meryl is wearing (from your photo at any rate so not seeing the bottom half of it). Its a softer look than the black and I love the emeralds!

  3. Jewelry Insider

    Wow, Texas Girl. Way to catch the belt recycle. And I agree – I like that Meryl is mixing it up here. Emerald earrings are always a winner in my book. And, well, it’s Meryl. She had me at ‘I had a farm in Africa…”

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