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June 1, 2010

All About Sapphire and Diamond Jewelry is your source for expert advice, information, and shopping tips on choosing the perfect sapphire and diamond jewelry. From dazzling sapphire and diamond rings to stunning sapphire and diamond necklaces, sapphire and diamond is an unmatchable gem pairing. Sapphire is known for its brilliance and durability, and when paired with diamond- the hardest of all substances- these gems radiate dizzying dazzle! A favorite adornment of royalty throughout history, sapphire and diamond jewelry simply cannot be beat for glamour and radiance.

Sapphire and diamond jewelry is a classic pairing that has been revered for centuries. Myths and legends surround the brilliance of both stones- diamonds were once believed to be splinters of stars that had fallen to earth, and ancient Persians believed that the earth rested on a giant sapphire that gave its blue reflection to the sky. Both jewels are symbols of love and enduring commitment, and diamond and sapphire jewelry is often passed down as a treasured heirloom from generation to generation. The British Crown Jewels contain several large sapphires surrounded by diamonds- a kingly pairing, indeed!

Sapphires are September’s birthstone, making a sapphire and diamond ring a sure-fire winner when it comes to a ring with meaning to celebrate a September birthday. Sapphire and diamond engagement rings are a gorgeous alternative to the traditional diamond engagement ring; Prince Charles proposed to Lady Diana with one of these richly-hued rings. Sapphire jewelry is also a traditional gift
for 5th and 45th wedding anniversaries, whether paired in a sapphire and diamond anniversary band or a stunning sapphire and diamond pendant. Sapphire and diamond earrings have an unmatchable ability to light the wearer’s face with all the radiant beauty of these radiant gems. Sapphire and diamond jewelry truly never fails to wow-it’s a never-fail stunner of a duo!

Learn about Sapphire and Diamond Jewelry

Sapphire Jewelry

Learn all you need to know about September’s sapphire – from the gemstone’s shining history and lore to sapphire jewelry buying tips and more.

Sapphire and Diamond Necklaces offers expert advice on how to picking the perfect sapphire and diamond necklace- a never-fail stunner!

Sapphire and Diamond Earrings

Sapphire earrings radiate unmatchable brilliance, lighting up and magnifying every woman’s natural beauty.

Sapphire and Diamond Rings

Long a favorite of royalty, sapphire and diamond rings are beautiful and bold, timeless and trendy. Bridal Tips: Non-Traditional Engagement Ring Gems

If a diamond engagement ring isn’t what you’re after, then you may want to consider a colored gem, a diamond substitute even an antique jewel in a new setting. examines the engaging alternatives on option when it comes to finding a ‘non-diamond’ engagement ring.

Celebrity Sapphire and Diamond Jewelry Kate Winslet Wows Vanity Fair

Kate Winslet wows the world as she bares all for Vanity Fair.

Carats A-Kimbo at Cannes

Huge jewelry statements are lighting up The Croisette at the 62nd annual Cannes Film Festival. Scarlett and Penelope: Two Glittering Stars. Too Much Beauty

When two of the world’s most beautiful stars collide – it’s a bling fest of style that rocks the red-carpet. Spring Into Color With Sapphires

Spring is all about color – Palace Blue, Lavender, Super-Lemon are some of the colors that experts say are ‘must-haves’ for serious fashionistas in the coming year and colored sapphires are the perfect jewelry complement. Izzie Says ‘I Do’

The jewels, the dress and the stars that shone at Katherine Heigl’s Utah wedding. Elton John’s Rocks and Raves

It was a celebration of diamonds and gems at Elton John’s blinging Black and White Ball. Hollywood celebrities glammed it up at this annual ode to ice.

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