‘Sister Wives’ Creates Claddagh Ring Craze

Rings and romance. For centuries we lowly humans have been using metal bands around our fingers to say “Go ahead.” or “Beat it!”  And while the mainstream tradition in this country is to don a diamond ring and a wedding band, the Claddagh ring is a favorite of the Irish.

And polygamists, apparently.

The latest reality phenom, Sister Wives, tells the tale of a Utah man, his 4 ‘brides’ and their day-to-day shenanigans. Hollywood Life reports the Fab 5 shut down a Utah jewelry store recently to get a Claddagh ring for the newest member of their clan.

Curious about the Claddagh? Here’s the lowdown, according to Wikipedia:

The Claddagh’s design features two hands clasping a heart, usually topped with a crown. There are four ways to wear the Claddagh: on the right hand with the heart oriented away to show you’re single; on the right hand with the heart turned in to show you’re in a relationship; on the left hand turned out to show you’re engaged; on the left hand turned in to show you’re married.

Confused? Think of how Brigham Young must have felt.

I think the Claddagh is a lovely way to rings thing up if you’re looking for something different. And there are both men’s and women’s styles available – like these affordable looks on Jewelry.com:

For the curious, Sister Wives airs on TLC on Sundays at 10pm. And Oprah is grilling the group on today’s show!

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  1. Janet

    I used to have Claddagh earrings that my sweetie’s mother gave me, hmmm, whatever happened to those… even though I don’t think it should be illegal to have more than one spouse, it bothers me as a feminist, but I bet the show will be a big hit.

  2. Jewelry Insider

    Yeah. These are not ‘I am woman, hear me roar’ kinda women. Claddagh earrings. Cool! Although I wonder what message they send about your romantic status? I am deaf to your advances? I am open to hear your cheesy come-on lines? I can no longer stand the sound of your voice?

  3. Janet

    Funny guesses J.I.! Maybe they simply sent the message “these tourists will buy anything for their son’s girlfriend while they’re in Ireland”…

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