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June 10, 2010

All about Smokey Quartz Jewelry

Versatile and affordable, smokey quartz jewelry is prized for its unique reflectivity and rich chocolate color- making smokey quartz jewelry a no-fail addition to any jewelry box. Smokey quartz jewelry’s unique vintage charm adds elegance to any outfit-whether in dusky-colored smokey quartz rings, romantic smokey quartz pendants, or regal umber-toned smokey quartz earrings, smokey quartz jewelry is a beautiful showcase of nature’s gifts.

Quartz jewelry has been prized all over the world for centuries, from pre-Columbian Native American quartz jewelry to mid-19th century quartz cameos. Nowadays, smokey quartz jewelry’s unique affordability and depth of color inspires artisans to create quartz jewelry in a dizzying range of styles. Smokey quartz (also known as smoky topaz) ranges in tone from light, clear grey or brown to almost solid chocolate and black hues, colors which stun in both modern and vintage settings. Smokey quartz is believed by many to deliver a grounding, healing energy that dissolves mental and emotional blockage.

Smokey quartz jewelry pieces range from sweet and demure pendants to bold statement rings- all beautiful steals. Whether you’re looking for a delicate pair of fawn-colored smokey quartz earrings or a funky, attention-grabbing chocolatey smokey quartz ring, smokey quartz jewelry is a sure bet for natural beauty and charm.

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