Smokey Topaz aka Smokey Quartz

Jewelry to Love: Smokey Topaz (Quartz)

TopazĀ is November’s birthstone and is a very popular gem today. Topaz comes in many different colors and shapes and can be very affordable. Unfortunately, if you’re looking for something like a smoky topaz ring or other type of smoky topaz jewelry, it does not exist. You may be surprised to learn it’s just another name for Smoky Quartz! Genuine topaz does come in shades of brown, however it is not customary to call any of them “smoky”. The term “smoky topaz” has a somewhat shady past – it was once used by unscrupulous jewelers to sell quartz jewelry at inflated prices. However since many people thought:”topaz” sounded more upscale than “quartz”, the name stuck and is commonly used to this day to describe those dark brown stones we know and love. It is practically the same EXACT thing, except that the gemstone is made from quartz instead of topaz.

Luckily for you, has practically every type of smoky quartz jewelry you can imagine. From rings and bracelets to gorgeous smokey quartz neckwear. The earthy colors that gives the jewelry the name “smokey” are very popular in today’s fashion world and are seen all over the runway.

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