Spikes, Stilettos and Soda Can Chic

Alexander McQueen may be the only designer in Paris who refused to bow to the conservative malaise blanketing the fashion industry like a lingering rain cloud. Words like ‘sensible’ and ‘accessible’ had no business on his runway yesterday, folks.

Instead, McQueen dazzled the crowd with chain mail suits, lampshade hats, shiny hooded dresses and soda can accessories that screamed to the world, “You can take your economic woe and shove it!”

Think Grace Jones on ‘shrooms.

According to Style.com, the crowd got in a heated debate after the spectacle – the older folks felt the ‘blow-up doll make-up’ and uncomfortable ensembles were misogynistic. The younger crowd – tired of all the sense and sensibility – couldn’t get enough.

Yet despite the over-the-top headpieces, unwalkable stacked heels and spikey jewelry, there were some incredibly made clothes on display.

Boxy jackets, airy dresses and fiercely tailored coats made a glittering appearance, and biker jacket chic and big shoulders also made an impression.

But it was the sheer bravado of the line that made the program such a show-stopper. You have to wonder how many seamstresses were needed to make all the feathers and soda cans combine into this freakish display.

We may not see another runway quite like this for a while – so regardless of your sartorial sensibilities – perhaps we should get while the gettin’s good.

What do you guys think? Would you wear any of this – or is that not the point?

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  1. jsimms

    my nightmares look like this: vividly colored, edgy, with uber stylized shapes… but still freaky and weird. maybe mcqueen is trying to personify the economic nightmare we’re all going through right now? look at all that red…

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