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From a dazzling sterling silver necklace set with gems and an elegant pair of diamond and silver earrings, to playful sterling silver bracelets (or silver charm bracelets) to a silver and gold ring – a sterling silver jewel is one red hot steal. With prices starting from just $30 or less for a stylish sterling silver bracelet – to a few hundred and upwards for a sterling silver jewel set with diamonds or gemstones – sterling silver bracelets add a touch of real glowing glamour to any ensemble.

Fashionable sterling silver bracelets, charms and pendants are stealing the fashion spotlight on today’s runways and diamond and gemstone sterling silver jewelry bring the sparkle, the style and the sophistication of this precious metal to the forefront of evening wear accessories. The Metal of the Moon was once considered more precious than gold but today is considered the most affordable of all precious metals. Sterling silver bracelets are not only stunning; sterling silver is also one of the most cost-friendly categories in the fine jewelry market.

A glittering sterling silver bracelet can lend a touch of sophisticated sparkle to any evening gown, and mixing and matching several sterling silver bracelet styles together or even boldly layering a mix of many silver bracelets all at once can create a statement that stands out wherever you go, be it a formal occasion or a casual night on the town. Statement bracelets can be worn
in an infinite number of ways as one creates your own striking array of shimmering metallic fashion accessories.

A sterling silver bracelet with silver content of at least 92.5 percent will sparkle for years to come. Alloyed usually with copper, after a period of time, your sterling silver bracelet (or any piece of sterling silver jewelry) will develop a unique patina; a particular shine that features darkened areas. This often lends a vintage air of ‘personalization’ to any sterling silver piece, as no patina is identical. A quick clean with silver polish will remove this patina and your silver bracelet will shine as brightly as new again.

Sterling Silver can be found in timeless antique jewelry pieces from the bygone era and in fashion lines today from celebrity designers like Jane Seymour and its affordability compared with other precious metals, like gold and platinum, make it an appealing choice for women of all ages. A sterling silver bracelet is a treasure and an essential jewelry piece for today’s jewelry box.

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The Open Hearts jewelry collection by Jane Seymour originated with a painting by the great actress. Her use of the design with many precious materials, including sterling silver, shows a fashion designer’s eye for true class and style

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