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July 10, 2010

Expert Advice, Information and Shopping Tips on Sterling Silver Necklaces. Find Out All There Is To Know About Sterling Silver Necklaces and Find The Perfect Sterling Silver Jewelry For You.

While the ancient Egyptians considered gold to be a perfect metal, and gave it the symbol of a circle, silver was the closest to gold in perfection for the ancients and had many mystical meanings and purposes likely due to the similarity between the shining metal and the glow of the magical moon. European folklore associates silver as an antidote to various maladies and mythical monsters. Along with the classic silver bullet to destroy a werewolf, a sterling silver necklace was, notably, believed to be a repellent against vampires. Gold certainly can’t make that claim. While we might not have to worry about werewolves these days, its is clear sterling silver jewelry has made its mark as an essential component of every woman’s jewelry box. And if a glimmering sterling silver necklace keeps the vampires away – so much the better!

Sterling silver necklaces come in innumerable styles from bold costume pieces to simple sterling silver chains. Silver can also be paired with diamonds and gemstones to create a glamorous – yet affordable – fine jewelry statement. A dazzling sterling silver necklace set with gemstones, or a simple sterling silver necklace chain can add a real glow to any ensemble. Add an elegant pair of diamond and sterling silver earrings to a sterling silver necklace and a stunning moonlight frame to your face is complete. The Metal of the Moon was once considered more precious than gold but today is considered the most affordable of all precious metals, so a sterling silver necklace can be easily added to your jewelry box and is one white-hot steal.

A glittering sterling silver necklace can lend a sophisticated sparkle to any evening gown, and mixing and matching several sterling silver chain styles together or even boldly layering a mix of many sterling silver necklaces all at once can create a statement that stands out wherever you go, be it a formal occasion or a casual night on the town. Statement neckwear can be worn in an
infinite number of ways as one creates your own striking array of shimmering metallic fashion accessories.

A sterling silver necklace with silver content of at least 92.5 percent will sparkle for years to come. Alloyed usually with copper, after a period of time, your sterling silver necklace (or any piece of sterling silver jewelry) will develop a unique patina; a particular shine that features darkened areas. This often lends a vintage air of ‘personalization’ to any sterling silver piece, as no patina is identical. A quick clean with silver polish will remove this patina and your sterling silver necklace will shine as brightly as new again.

Sterling Silver can be found in timeless antique jewelry pieces from the bygone era and in fashion lines today from celebrity designers like Jane Seymour, and its affordability compared with other precious metals, like gold and platinum, make it an appealing choice for women of all ages. A sterling silver necklace is a treasure and an essential jewelry piece for today’s jewelry box.

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