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Sterling Silver Jewelry

Find out all there is to know about Sterling Silver Rings and find the perfect sterling silver jewelry for you. Sterling silver rings have long been favorites for fashion and cost conscious jewelry buyers and today their prices and designs are making them favorites with celebrities and fashion critics across the country. Whether your tastes is for
the simple sterling silver band or something more “punk” like sterling silver serpents or scull & cross bones, sterling silver rings shine with the glow of the moonlight.

Silver: The Metal of the Moon was once considered more precious than gold but today this metal is considered the most affordable of all precious metals. Sterling silver rings are not only stunning – sterling silver is also one of the most budget-friendly categories in the fine jewelry market.

A sterling silver ring with silver content of at least 92.5 percent is set to sparkle for years to come. Alloyed usually with copper, after a period of time, a sterling silver ring (or any piece of sterling silver jewelry) often develops a unique patina; a particular shine that features darkened areas. This often lends a vintage air of ‘personalization’ to any sterling silver piece, as no patina is identical. A quick clean with silver polish will remove this patina and the piece will shine as brightly as new again.

In the tradition of giving anniversary gifts that began several hundred years ago in the Germanic region of medieval Europe, the ‘Silver’ anniversary was one of the first significant marriage landmarks. Marking the twenty-fifth year of marriage with the gifting of a silver garland, silver remains the traditional gift for the quarter century anniversary today.

Sterling Silver can be found in timeless antique jewelry pieces from the bygone era and in fashion lines today from celebrity designers like Jane Seymour. And its affordability compared with other precious metals, like gold and platinum, make it an appealing choice for women of all ages. A sterling silver ring is a treasure and an essential jewelry piece for your jewelry box.

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