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The Jewelry Insider

May 27, 2009

Hello, jewelry hounds. I’m trying a new feature on the blog: Polls, polls and more polls.

I love getting your feedback, and let’s face it – there’s no better sport than arm-chair fashion critic, right? I’d love for you to get in on the act by voting in my weekly poll that will be lovingly posted every Wednesday at the right. Check back daily for the results and your chance to weigh in!

The kickoff poll is for your favorite Cannes jewelry look – and there were many to choose from. Here are the pics of my top 5 selects. Who do you think wore it best? Weigh in by clicking the bubble of your choice at the right!

Happy polling!

Angelina Jolie:

Paris Hilton:

Mariah Carey:

Asia Argento:

Eugenia Silva:

Cartier Celebrates The Cougar

Diamonds, gold, sapphires, rubies – bless their hearts, they never discriminate. No matter how many crow’s feet, eye-lifts and hot flashes we women might get, they love us all with equal abandon. But these days it’s more than jewelry that’s taken a liking to women of a ‘certain age’.

It’s guys. Young, hot, guys.

46-year-old Demi Moore flaunts her 20-something Kutcher catch around like a proud feline and Sharon Stone’s 51 years haven’t prevented her from showing more glorious ‘gam’ at Cannes than a Vegas show girl convention. And let’s not forget about Madonna, Katie Couric, Ellen Barkin, Susan Sarandon – all cradle robbers, all fabulous.

So what better way for the Cougar to flaunt their prowess than with a big blingy cat worth beaucoup bucks.

Enter: Cartier.

They may call their coveted cats “The Panther Collection” but there’s no better way for the Cougar to shine in my book. Extravagantly priced (it’s Cartier after all), the line is made out of only the finest metals and purest diamonds and gems.

But you don’t have to have an Ivana Trump budget to nab a cougar-inspired gem of your own. Check out Jewelry.com’s collection of cat jewels and add a little shimmer the next time you flirt with the pizza guy.


The Jewelry Insider

May 15, 2009

TGIF, jewelry hounds!

If you want something to take your mind off of the horrible excuse for a Grey’s Anatomy finale last night, you’ve come to the right place. Nothing like a little diamond shock to put you in a good mood for the weekend.

With Chopard as a main sponsor, I’ve been salivating over the crazy jewelry statements that are likely to make a splash at Cannes until the festival ends on the 25th. Here are a few of my favorite looks from today’s premieres.

What do you guys think? Too much or not enough?