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The Jewelry Insider

August 20, 2009

Jewelry fashion is a fickle beast.Just when you think you can retire your statement necklace (or day-glo bangles, as the case may be), the trend-setters bring them back to catwalk another day.

This fall, there are a few relics from bygone eras that are trending big for the new season, but there are also some tried and true jewelry categories that are holding steady for us too.

Here are my four top fall jewelry trends to watch – at least until we get a look at what Fashion Week has in store this October.

Tell me about it, Stud:

Break out your bedazzlers, studded jewelry and clothing is back! From bracelets and belts to shoes and bags, bejeweled fashion is polka-dotting its way back into our hearts and jewelry boxes. Tori Spelling actually has some cute studded styles in her collection. Who knew?

Black and White (and Green all over):

Black and white jewelry may bring to mind the mod days of the 60s, but its making Fall 2009 fashion shine bright this year.Find black and white with a splash of green, and you’ll get high marks from all the sartorial looky-loos.

Yellow Gold:

Summer’s favorite metal has staying power well beyond poolside BBQ season.Gilded, golden, over-the-top jewelry is a major ‘do’ for trend setting fashionistas and Rachel Zoe followers alike.‘Gaudy’ is no longer a bad word.

80s Glam:

Just when you thought it was safe, shoulder pads, day-glo and leg warmers are showing themselves again – and punk rock 80s jewelry is joining in the renaissance.Think Duran Duran meets The Ramones.

So stay tuned throughout the season for my updates to the fall jewelry fashion evolution. I’m secretly happy to know that even though the economy still blows, there is still whimsy and imagination to be had out there – and jewelry trends we can all participate in no matter our wallet size.



The Jewelry Insider

May 7, 2009

Let’s face it. There’s a lot going on in the world that can dampen our spirits. The economy is struggling, global warming is on the rise, and Lil’ Kim unfairly got voted off Dancing With the Stars.

So, I was thinking. Wouldn’t it be nice if we could always have something shiny and bright to remind us that better days are on the horizon? And wouldn’t it be even better if that ‘something’ was made out of diamonds and came in a little white box?

Well, fear not. JCPenney’s new offering, The Hope Collection, is the perfect antidote to our sour mood. The fashion diamond line quite literally offers a message of hope in its designs and uses other ‘glass-half-full’ symbols like the rising sun and the flower-power peace sign to send a shiny smile our way.

Maybe you know someone who is struggling through an illness. Maybe your neighbor just lost their job. Or maybe you need your own glittering reminder that it’s time to turn that frown upside down.

No matter who might need a pick-me-up, JCPenney is giving us a brand-new way to show we care. And since their price points are always in the reasonable range, we get a lot of bang for our hard-earned buck.

So join me as I put away my snarky suit and get all warm and fuzzy with the JCPenney Hope Collection today. Lil’ Kim? There’s a rising sun pendant in there with your name on it, sister.

Hope. Dream. Believe.

The Jewelry Insider

April 9, 2009

The 80s is inspiring more than just jewelry trends and catwalk fashion these days – now Broadway is getting in on the act.

The latest jukebox musical to hit the boards is called Rock of Ages and features rockin’ 80s hits from the hair bands of yesteryear, including Poison, Styx and (of course!) Journey.

The opening night festivities brought out Broadway’s big guns this week (can Patrick Wilson be any more adorable?) in addition to the likes of Dee Snyder, the Rock of Love bus babes and Night Ranger.

A ‘motley crew’ to be sure.

The red carpet fashion was appropriately metal-esque – with lots of skull rings, layered bangles, heavy chains, leather wristbands and fringe akimbo.

The talented cast, which features onetime American Idol hopeful Constantine Maroulis, and an onstage metal band led by Night Ranger’s Joel Hoekstra, uses familiar tunes including “More Than Words” and “Heat of the Moment” to tell the story of a wanna-be rocker who works in a legendary L.A. dive and chases the girl of his dreams while German developers threaten to demolish the Sunset Strip.

Just another day in the life of a head banger.

According to Rolling Stone, the show begins with an announcement from Whitesnake’s David Coverdale: “No flash photography unless you’re really, really hot and willing to show us your boobs.” – and ends with a sing along to Journey’s “Don’t Stop Believin’.”

Sprinkled along the way are over 25 more 80s hits, beer sales for the audience, and free LED flashlights to sway for the power ballads.

I can smell the perm solution percolating….

So if you ‘Wanna Know What Love Is” get your big hair to the Big Apple and bang your head with Broadway’s best. Cross necklace and fingerless gloves not included.

Fashion Week Channels Eighties Glam

New York Fashion Week isn’t as glitzy this year. The party circuit is slower, the shows not as production-heavy, the front rows not as star-studded, but thankfully the fashion is more than making up for the overall feeling of economic malaise.

Metallics, statement necklaces and purples are still in – but the hottest new look has to be the return to eighties glam. Think New York dance clubs circa 1983. And no one is channeling that “Duran Duran meets Dynasty” look better than (who else?) Mr. Marc Jacobs.

Last season he gave us suffragist chic, this season it’s Simon Le Bon meets Pat Benetar. Metallics, neon jewelry, shoulder pads, space make up and crimpy hair littered the Jacobs catwalk.

“I was thinking about the good old days in New York,” he said after the show, “when getting dressed up was such a joy.”

Not far behind the nostalgia-filled bandwagon is Betsy Johnson, who gave up her runway cartwheel this time for an intimate show in one of her stores. If Cyndi Lauper (or Annie Potts in Pretty in Pink for you die-hards) isn’t the inspiration for this leggings and tutu-filled offering, I’ll eat my Men Without Hats cassette.

So for you newcomers to bangled arms, lace tights and leg warmers, you’ve got a lot to look forward to. And for us old school veterans? Maybe it’s time to dust off the day-glo.

What do you guys think?