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November 3, 2009

My favorite fashion category – accessories – was honored by the sartorial elite last night in New York at the annual ACE Awards. And while the honorees ran the gamut from Burberry to Barbie (!?!), it was Lady Gaga who took center stage (surprise) to take her ‘Stylemaker of the Year’ award. The woman only dresses in accessories, for crikes’ sakes.

Gaga was honored by none other than Marc Jacobs, which is appropriate since she wore one of his spring 2010 looks complete with pink bra, double layered panties, fishnets and blonde afro according to one of my fave bloggers, Red Carpet Fashion Awards.

Time was, Betsey Johnson used to be the most colorful character on the red carpet – and she did her best last night in layered chains and her signature Punky Brewster style – but it’s just too hard to top blonde afro and doubled panties. Sorry, Bets.

Model Agnyess Deyn and the rest of the fashion world showed up in basic black, inlcuding my favorite little bit from the bash – BASICS Barbie – who wore (what else?) a little black dress. What will they come up with next? The always-enticing ‘Fashionable Separates Barbie’? Run, don’t walk girls…

Click here for a complete list of the 2009 ACE Award winners. I know you’d be staying up nights wondering.