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Celebrate December: Turquoise From Designer Carolyn Pollack

There are several birthstones associated with the month of December, and among them is beautiful turquoise. Turquoise is believed to provide protection from negativity and help the wearer live a happier life (we’re in!).

Pining for your own piece of turquoise? Check out our designer boutique Carolyn Pollack. Carolyn Pollack offers a number of gorgeous turquoise pieces, all crafted in sterling silver.


More About Carolyn Pollack

Carolyn’s jewelry is inspired by the creativity and confidence of today’s woman.

Carolyn’s designs are all sculpturally unique and feature unexpected color combinations.

– All jewelry is made with natural gemstones.

– All jewelry is made in the U.S.A.


Check out the entire Carolyn Pollack collection here!




The Jewelry Insider

March 10, 2010

Winter blues got you down? How about this gem to lift your spirits?: JewelClub just launched their 20% Treasure Chest discount on 12 select aquamarine jewelry styles. That’s 20% off WHOLESALE, jewelry hounds.

Whether you’ve got a March birthday girl to buy for this month, or want to partake in some shopping therapy for your own collection – there’s no better way to do the deed in my book.

I think my favorite of the bunch is this aqua cocktail ring. With a suggested retail price of $629 you might think it’s out of range for a bauble this size. But the regular JewelClub price puts you in the $170 ballpark and with the 20% discount, we’re talking $135.

Or this ring is only $75! I mean, can you imagine the smile on her face when she gets this for her birthday instead of yet another bottle of perfume or itunes gift card or what have you? And JewelClub has free shipping and a liberal return policy to make things even easier.

Click here to shop from the Aqua selections on sale – or log in to JewelClub here with the code INSIDER and shop the entire stash of wholesale fine jewels. So many bargains to be had, jewelry hounds – and cool styles to choose from.

Spring fever, anyone?

Three Magic Words: 20% Off Wholesale

We jewelry and fashion hounds know there are sample sales and there are sample sales. Sometimes you find what you’re looking for only to realize the discounted price is more than you’d pay off the rack or the ‘huge’ selection they promise is wittled down to the gauche and the gaudy.

But JewelClub is a happy shining place of constant sample sale hope. With new product added constantly and prices as high as 80% off retail, the ‘digger’ in all of us can give our sample sale shovels a rest. Permanently.

Here is just a glimpse of the monthly specials they run – a dozen icy jewels at 20% off the JewelClub discounted price until the end of the month. Aquamarines, sapphires, turquoise and more are featured at prices you have to see to believe.

And they throw in free shipping on ALL orders – so you can shop from the warmth of your own home and just wait for the spoils to arrive.

Click here for the Winter Blues Special or here to visit the JewelClub treasure chest full of all fine jewelry categories, use the access code INSIDER and start curing those winter blues with sample sale stash at prices that will warm your heart.

The Jewelry Insider

March 4, 2009

Hello jewelry hounds!

Last week you read about the cool friends and family jewelry site I found, Jewel Club, that offers Jewelry Insider readers the whole gamut of fine jewelry categories at wholesale prices AND BELOW. Giggity!

Well, Jewel Club loves us so much that they offered us our very own access code instead of the one I posted last week.

Our special access code is : INSIDER

Easy enough? So feel free to use it the next time you log in to www.jewelclub.com, and you’ll be treated to a feast of glittering gems – just in time for spring.

AND – I was also given two other insider tips for even further discounts. Use this code at checkout to get an extra 20% off your purchase for the rest of the month:


And if you are in the market for March’s birthstone, Aquamarine, they are giving us an extra 20% off for a limited time.

So, OK, brace yourselves. This stunner of an aquamarine ring with sapphire and diamond accents once retailed for $1149.00 The regular Jewel Club price is $305.38 but you can get it now for $244.31. Put in the JEWELRY 20% off code at checkout, and you get 20% off THAT – -which puts the price below $200!

I’m getting a jewelry high just crunching the numbers here.

And you don’t have to be a March birthday girl to glitter in the gem either. Drew rocked the light blue aquamarine look at the Golden Globes this year, and there’s no rule against you doing the same. Their price points range from under $100 on up…so there is an aquamarine available for almost every budget.

Honestly. I have never seen jewelry savings like this on such a cool site. I hope you all agree.

So our special Jewelry Insider access code is INSIDER and the place is Jewel Club. Get on after it!