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The Jewelry Insider

December 9, 2008

Diamond, gold and gemstone jewelry lit up our nation’s capital, as the Kennedy Center handed out their coveted medals to six deserving performing artists last week.

This year’s honorees included The Who’s Roger Daltry and Pete Townshend, dancer/choreographer Twyla Tharp, actor Morgan Freeman, country’ music’s, George Jones, and singing sensation, Barbara Streisand (who exchanged a much-publicized awkward smooch with her favorite political punching bag, George W.)

The prestigious Kennedy Center Honors are known as the most ‘formal’ event on the award show circuit, so it’s no surprise the celebs brought their A game in the bling department.

Beyonce was the belle of the ball in a form-fitting Zuhair Murad gown and tasteful black diamond clips (It’s clear she’s no longer getting dressed by her mother. It’s about time).

Queen Latifah put the ‘ice’ in ‘ice queen’ with her stunning diamond and black pearl Y-necklace and matching diamond cuff. And look at that Linda Carter – all svelt and shimmery in a beaded navy dress with eye-popping diamond chandelier earrings. She can fight for my rights in her satin tights any day!

Unfortunately, while Babs can belt one out like no other, she has some work to do in the fashion department. The chunky gold chain doesn’t do much to help the flowy caftan look she’s been wearing since 1992. And Michelle Lee’s black gemstone choker and Nancy Pelosi’s gold ensemble don’t fare much better. Sorry, Madam Speaker.

But the special night was about the art – not what the artists wore, I should be reminded.

“With their extraordinary genius and tenacity, the 2008 Honorees have redefined the way we see, hear and feel the performing arts. We will forever be thankful for the great gifts (the honorees) have shared with us,” said Kennedy Center Chairman Stephen A. Schwarzman.

The ceremony will be broadcast in its entirety December 30th on CBS.