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Beaded Necklaces: A Personal Touch

Information, shopping tips and expert advice on beaded necklaces. Learn all there is to know about the designs, styles and variety of beaded necklaces, and find the one that’s exactly right for you.


Beaded necklaces are a great way to touch up a casual outfit, make a trendy suit more stylish, or add that personal touch to a formal suit. Women and men both can enjoy the practically endless variety of beaded necklaces, and the more creative among them can even make, design or order one exactly to their choice and taste.

Beaded necklaces are simply a necessary addition to any accessory collection. The versatility of the beads on necklaces and the virtually limitless variations make each necklace a unique creation. You will find beaded necklaces in any size, color, style, length or design you can think of, so a few different types of beaded jewelry in your collection are really a must, and might even become some of your favorite pieces.


Beaded necklaces can be made of one simple string of beads without any additions, or multiple strings of beads in graded sizes. They can be chunky or delicate, symmetrical or asymmetrical. They can be made of beads in one color, or without using the same color more than once. They can have charms or pendant hanging from them, or they can be plain strands. They can be chokers, or long strands reaching the waistline. They can be made of wooden beads, glass beads, crystals or gemstones, or all of the above… In short, there is really no limit to what they can look like. It all depends on what you prefer…

So take your time and browse around our beautiful collection of beaded necklaces. Whether you’re looking for one yourself, or as a gift to someone close to your heart – you will surely find what you’re looking for right here.

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