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The Jewelry Insider

November 11, 2009

Diamonds, emeralds, pearls and Rolex watches are all being auctioned this weekend in New York, which wouldn’t really be news except for the small fact that they all belonged to disgraced billionaire and all-around scumbag, Bernie Madoff.

The auction will feature some 200 items, including a pair of Victorian-era diamond earrings ($20,000 est.), an Edwardian-era diamond and emerald bracelet, a 123-inch strand necklace of Baroque Akoya pearls, and various pricey watches, golf clubs, mink coats, cuff links and the like.

The question remains: Who would want to own this stuff? (The karma…the karma).

Auctioneers hope to bring in well above the $500,000 total which is the sum of the low-estimate of each item, with proceeds going to help the victims of the massive ponzi scheme.

Seems like a drop in the bucket, but here’s hoping. Would you guys buy the Madoff loot if you could? Weigh in!