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The Jewelry Insider

October 19, 2009

Diddy is making news again, but this time it’s for losing a diamond ring worth more than a luxury sedan. The rapper/producer was filming a TV show for BET in New York when he accidentally flung his huge diamond ring into the crowd while throwing out fake $100 bills. Talk about a ring toss. All 160 fans were frisked like criminals once the diamond loot went missing, but the search didn’t turn up anything but the crowd’s disdain. The New York Post reported these cranky Tweets about the incident: “Ok diddy lost his ring . . . and now there frisking all the kids like this is rikers lite,” “[W]hen it was over, diddy held us hostage lookin for his lost ring. dont like him no more!!!” Like him or not, it’s clear Mr. Combs will survive for the time being – which is a lot more than his previous TV efforts can claim recently. Someone at MTV needs to put Making the Band on a permanent hiatus. Am I right?