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Jewelry’s Amazing Race

There are no desert islands, dirty outhouses, or bug eating contests involved in this amazing race.

Try chauffeur-driven cars, champagne and a glittering jewelry creation for a grand prize. Now that’s a scavenger hunt.

The occasion? Luxury jewelry label, Boucheron, is celebrating their 150th anniversary by hosting a treasure hunt throughout the streets of London. Teams will be made up of the U.K’s top editors-in-chiefs, celebrities and the label’s top twenty VIP customers.

Each team will have an hour and half to complete the hunt and will bring their results back to a judging panel consisting of Gucci Group CEO Robert Polet, Boucheron CEO Jean-Christophe Bedos and a mystery celebrity judge.

The pricey grand prize will be a glittering jewelry statement created by a mystery designer and is rumored to be worth close to $180,000. That’s a lot of mystery. Another tidbit being tossed around the rumor mill is that famous designer, Alexander McQueen, and one Sir Elton John are joining the well-heeled scavengers.

Sir EJ might not win an arm wrestling contest, but he is as passionate about jewelry as he is about long-tailed suits and big sunglasses. Look out, people.