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Prince William’s Wedding Band Diss

What gives, Wills? I’ve been bombarded with reports that the King of England-to-be will (gasp!) NOT be wearing a royal wedding band.

Kate Middleton, of course, will be putting the pedal to the metal with a Welsh gold band bequeathed by the Queen, but her famous fiance is rejecting the most hallowed of bridal traditions for no other reason than – he just doesn’t have a taste for jewelry.

Yeah, neither does most of the warm-blooded male population, but they suck it up and wear the universal symbol for ‘I’m taken’ just the same. Just sayin’.

“It was something the couple discussed, but Prince William isn’t one for jewelry,” a St. James Palace aid tells the Daily Mail. “It really is just down to personal preference.”

It’s a bold decision for any groom to make, royal or no. Even Will’s father, Charles, wears a wedding band beneath his signet ring. But according to insiders, the Prince has Kate’s blessing.

What do you guys think of William’s wedding band balk? Is it OK for guys (any guy – not just the most famous groom on the planet) to take a pass on the wedding band tradition? Or is it all’s fair in love and ring fingers? Thoughts?

The Jewelry Insider

April 14, 2009

From diamond engagement rings to pearl strands, bridal jewelry style is steeped in serious snoresville, I mean, tradition. And while there is certainly nothing wrong with flashing that round cut diamond ring on your ring finger or giving your bridesmaids tried and true pearl studs to go with the dress that they’ll die black and still never wear again, there are some refreshing new trends that are breathing new life in the jewelry category.

Maybe it’s the economy forcing folks to get creative or the big whiff of change in the air since the last election, but big, colored stones are making a splash in bridal circles – from the pricier precious stones (rubies, emeralds, sapphires) to the more affordable semi-precious gems (aquamarines, citrines, peridot, etc.)

Sapphire engagement rings have been in fashion since Lady Di got her big princess cut rock from Prince Charles, but I’m seeing more birthstone baubles decorating ring fingers these days in addition to gemstone statement necklaces and earrings to give that big white dress a good shot in the arm.

The Luxist highlighted a great selection of gemstone bridal designs by Anne Bowen today, a designer who is certainly coloring outside the lines when it comes to tradition.

And engagement rings are apparently not just for women anymore. A fascinating article on Jewelry.com details a rise in ring finger bling for guys these days as more women feel its only fair that both people in the relationship wear a symbol of their pending nuptials.

Sounds perfectly reasonable to me.

So if you’re thinking about walking down the aisle soon, know that anything goes in the bling department these days. If Michelle Obama can go sleeveless in the halls of Congress and Carrie Bradshaw can wear that green bird on her head, you can have a black diamond engagement ring if you want it, sister.

Carpe friggin’ Diem!