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JewelClub’s Sample Sale Goes Old School


The telltale signs of a true fashionista litter the landscape. Racks of Chanel and DKNY finds mingle with McQueen and Miu Miu. Vintage jewelry, costume creations and fine gems light up the joint like a Christmas tree on crack. A mash-up of the “Rocky Theme Song” and “I Will Survive” BLASTS in the background. As the music reaches its crazy crescendo, we CLOSE UP on a leggy fashion-type doning riot gear.

SSG WHIPS OUT her notepad and goes through her battle-ready checklist:
1. Super Secret Sample Sale invite? Check.
2. Oversized shopping bag? Check.
3. Pepper spray for the pushy girls? Check.
4. Debit card? Check, check…and check.

With one final tighten of her shin guards, SSG whisks off into the cool morning air –  the lingering promise of sample sale success lighting her way. And her soul.
This was sample sale shopping in the (not so distant) past, right? When secret invitations were as important as the designer castoffs that awaited the organized and the determined. These days? Sample sales aren’t, well, quite so romantic. Or competitive. Until now.

You all know I love my JewelClub treasure chest. So when news hit that they’re throwing a secret couture-level sample sale like the good old days? I had to spead the news to my fellow jewelry hounds.

So here’s the skinny. Tomorrow, they’re sending out secret invitations with a link to the page with one-of-a-kind high-end styles at up to (drumroll…) 80 – 90% off.

This is so pepper-spray-worthy, people.


ALL of you sample sale sirens need to get your riot gear ready (you can sign up for the Deal Alert invite here – or check back with me tomorrow). And anyone you know who has a big jewelry purchase coming up should follow your lead. This is holiday season. It’s time to get serious – and this merch is gonna move.

I’m getting a sneak peak at some of the styles later today – and I’ll post my favs on Twitter for you. Stay tuned! And good luck!

The Jewelry Insider

October 4, 2010

Used to be the words ‘jewelry’ and ‘sale’ were the oil and water of the marketing world. The common wisdom was: folks just wouldn’t want to buy discounted diamonds and gems, fearing they were somehow tainted or ‘damaged goods’.

But they were wrong. So wrong.

Unlike a four-carton pile-on at the all-you-can-eat buffet, there is no shame in the jewelry deal. Now, every jewelry outlet – from mall retailers and department stores to mom & pop shops and online e-tailers – offers sales, discounts and the grand-daddy of ’em all: wholesale jewelry.

Enter: JewelClub. 

What was once a ‘password-protected’ Friends and Family site for a large fine jewelry manufacturer offering 70-80% off retail (yes, you’re reading that right), is now open to all us huddled masses yearning to bling free.

And in the great Donald Trump “Art of the Deal” tradition – they now have a “Deal of the Day” feature, where they offer one item every 24 hours for an even lower price. Sometimes it’s a colorful cocktail ring. Sometimes it’s gold hoops. Sometimes it’s a bridal piece. Sometimes it’s a brown diamond cat pendant. I could go on…But it’s always worth a look.

I just check their Facebook Page or their homepage for a quick glimpse every morning, and then go about my business.

So frugalistas and jewelry hounds, there’s really no reason to pay retail when it comes to fine jewelry anymore. There are, of course, still reasons to hide our heads in shame (Jersey Shore marathon, anyone?). Luckily – buying fine jewelry at a discount is no longer one of them.

Now go out there and make ‘The Donald’ proud.

The Jewelry Insider

April 9, 2010

Diamonds are doubling down this month as the must-have jewelry purchase for gift givers. Why, you ask? Because lucky ladies born in April have diamonds as a birthstone (no one said life was fair, jewelry hounds), AND Mother’s Day is just a month away on May 9th.

So if you’re a mom who is tired of getting the same old ‘one hour massage’ gift certificate that sits in your ‘everything drawer’ and expires just when you need it most. Or you’re an April birthday girl who is tired of people forgetting that they’re just a diamond away from getting the perfect birthday gift – it’s time to give those folks a nudge in the JewelClub direction.

I’ve touted this site many a time. It’s a Friends and Family site of a jewelry manufacturer that offers steep discounts on all fine jewelry – in addition to the special deals they dole out on a select group of styles. This month, it’s the diamond dozen you need to check out.

This fun, fashion piece is under $100.

These diamond studs are over $400 off suggested retail. And they’re 1/3 carat. Not too shabby.

Just go to www.jewelclub.com, use the code: INSIDER and click on the Treasure Hunt feature at the top right of the homepage to see the 12 styles they are discounting all month. Or just take a stroll through the hundreds of diamond styles they have – from right hand rings to the big kahuna – diamond engagement rings and more.

It’s luxury within reach. It’s gift giving at its blingiest. It’s time to get something in a little white box this year!

The Jewelry Insider

March 19, 2010

Despite my natural diamond disposition, I have to say that colorful cocktail rings are my favorite jewelry category. (Yes, it’s partly because of the word ‘cocktail’).

But it’s also because it’s such a great way to make a statement without breaking the bank. Fine jewelry doesn’t have to be out of reach these days – and there’s nothing like bringing an outfit to the next level with a gumball sized bauble on your finger in your favorite color.

So enough of my pitch – here’s the real kicker. JewelClub just posted their latest sale and it’s all cocktail rings all the time (well, actually until the end of the month). We’re talking 20% of JewelClub price – not a suggested retail price.

What is the JewelClub price you ask? I’ve got one word for you: wholesale. Actually, it’s often below wholesale. So 20% off that is a virtual windfall, jewelry hounds.

Click on this link to see the twelve cocktail rings they’re discounting this month. One of them is only $30 and many are under $100. Enter the code :INSIDER at the prompt and start the shoppin!

Trust me. It’ll make you feel like spring has officially sprung…

The Jewelry Insider

March 10, 2010

Winter blues got you down? How about this gem to lift your spirits?: JewelClub just launched their 20% Treasure Chest discount on 12 select aquamarine jewelry styles. That’s 20% off WHOLESALE, jewelry hounds.

Whether you’ve got a March birthday girl to buy for this month, or want to partake in some shopping therapy for your own collection – there’s no better way to do the deed in my book.

I think my favorite of the bunch is this aqua cocktail ring. With a suggested retail price of $629 you might think it’s out of range for a bauble this size. But the regular JewelClub price puts you in the $170 ballpark and with the 20% discount, we’re talking $135.

Or this ring is only $75! I mean, can you imagine the smile on her face when she gets this for her birthday instead of yet another bottle of perfume or itunes gift card or what have you? And JewelClub has free shipping and a liberal return policy to make things even easier.

Click here to shop from the Aqua selections on sale – or log in to JewelClub here with the code INSIDER and shop the entire stash of wholesale fine jewels. So many bargains to be had, jewelry hounds – and cool styles to choose from.

Spring fever, anyone?